Top Most Valuable Bhojpuri Singers in India Lists [Updated]

If You Are Fan Of Bhojpuri Song Or Movie or Willing To Know Who is Top Most Valuable Bhojpuri Singer in India, Mp3juices Is Right Place For You. Sharda Sinha started her career with folk songs in Maithili, and she now sings in many languages. This versatile singer has won several awards for her contribution to the music industry. Her popular Bhojpuri songs include ‘Sasuji Se Lutri’ and ‘Apna Sajaniya Ke’, as well as Hindi hits such as ‘Char Footiya Chokre’ and ‘Deswa’.

Khesari Lal Yadav

Khesari Lal Yadave is one of the most successful Bhojpuri singers in India. He has worked in the Border Security Force before deciding to pursue a career in music. He went to several music companies in Delhi, but realized that he could not make a music album without money. To get the money, he worked as a Lavanda dancer for several days.

Khesari was born in Chhapra, Bihar. He grew up on a farm and was once thrown out of his house because he stole ten rupees from his father. His father was a hard-working farmer. After his father’s death, Khesari decided to pursue music, and he has achieved great success in this field.

Khesari Lal Yadavo is an actor, singer, and model. His best-known film is Saajan Chale Sasural (2011). He is married to Chanda Devi and has two children, a girl and a boy. He has also participated in the TV show Bigg Boss Season 13.

Pawan Singh

Pawan Singh is one of the most popular Bhojpuri singers in India. He is famous for the song Lagavelu Lipstick. The song has received thousands of views on YouTube. It is release in 2008 and has become a cult classic. Despite his fame, Pawan Singh has a lot of controversy surrounding him. According to the woman, he has posted lewd pictures of her on social media and made other obscene comments. The woman has made a statement with the Malwani police station in relation to the matter.

Born and raised in Bihar, Pawan Singh is a Bhojpuri singer and actor. His songs include “lollipop” and “Chhalakata Hamro Jawaniya.” His estimate net worth is at $4 to $5 million. He started acting in 1997 and started singing in 2007. He has maintained his talent and hopes to win the International Bhojpuri Award in 2022.

Dinesh Lal Yadav

Dinesh Lal Yadap is a well-known singer, actor and television presenter from Uttar Pradesh. He has worked in Bhojpuri films and television serials. His estimate net worth is at $4 million. He earns about Rs 10 lakhs per film. His estimate net worth is also at between Rs 1 and 5 lakhs per month.

He is the most popular singer from the Bhojpuri community and has released many hits over the years. Dinesh Lal Yadap also runs a production company called Nirahua Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. which produces Bhojpuri movies and music videos. Dinesh Lal Yadap has two YouTube channels and hosts a dance reality show called Dance Sargam. :   All-Time Popular Female Singers in Morocco : Celebrating Voices

He is also an actor and singer in Bhojpuri movies. His father, Ravi Anand, is a well-known songwriter. He has more than 200 films to his name and has earned over $2 million. He has won several awards for his acting.

Manoj Tiwari

One of the most popular Bhojpuri singers in India is Manoj Tiwari. This talented singer was born in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Despite his humble background, Tiwari pursued a higher education and received an M.P.Ed from Banaras Hindu University. Throughout his career, he has sung hundreds of Bhojpuri songs. He was considered a master of all types of Bhojpuri music.

In addition to being an actor and singer, Manoj Tiwari is also an active politician. He is currently serving as the Member of Parliament from North East Delhi. His performances have made him a beloved face in the Bhojpuri film industry. His work in many commercially successful Bhojpuri films has earned him a net worth of around Rs 24 crore INR.

While Manoj Tiwari’s popularity has risen in India, he is also very popular in Pakistan. His albums and CDs are selling very well in Islamabad and Peshawar. This is because there are approximately eight lakh Bhojpuri speakers in Pakistan. His popularity has grown significantly after appearing in the fourth season of the popular reality show Bigg Boss.

Chandan Tiwari

Chandan Tiwari is a popular folk singer of Bihar, who sings in the Bhojpuri language and other regional languages such as Maithili, Nagpuri, and Awadhi. He has won several awards and is known for his folk songs, kajri, and thumri forms. He has also participated in various television shows and performed at events in his hometown of Chas okaro.

Chandan Tiwari grew up singing Ashtajam songs at age eleven. Later, he began to sing in films like Shiv Leela and Ram Leela. He also sang Kirtan songs in Delhi and signed with the Ek Ganga music label. He later released his debut single Ja Jhar on T-series, becoming a poster child for Bhojpuri music. In spite of being a minor star, he quickly rose to fame as one of the most valuable Bhojpuri singers in the country.

Besides his singing career, Chandan Tiwari also has an extensive list of literary works. He has compiled a dictionary of Bhojpuri words and has contributed to a number of studies related to literature and language science. He has also done extensive research to promote the Bhopuri language and has written poems in the Bhojpuri language.

Priyanka Singh

Born in Gopalganj, Bihar, Priyanka Singh has established herself as the most valuable Bhojpuri singer today. Priyanka Singh began singing in a singing reality show called Sur Sangram and has sung numerous popular songs since. She has a huge fan base on social media and has over 192K followers on Instagram. Priyanka Singh is an accomplished singer and has also appeared in Bollywood films. :   Upcoming Riser Singers in Algeria: Algeria's Musical Stars

As a child, Priyanka Singh was influenced by her mother’s music. Throughout her childhood, she sang in local choirs and in the church. She became famous for her songs from Bhojpuri films and began working with the film industry. Now, she has a huge following on social media and performs live music concerts all over Bihar. In addition to being an extremely talented singer, she is also a talented dancer and choreographer. She was born in Sitamarhi, Bihar, on 12 January 1997. Today, she lives in Patna, Bihar, India.

Priyanka Singh has become a superstar after her success in the film ‘Chhalakata Hamro Jawaniya Ye Raja’. She has worked with several renowned Bhojpuri singers and has released more than 100 albums and songs in the Bhojpuri film industry. In fact, Priyanka Singh has worked with most of the Bhojpuri superstars, and has worked with some of the most iconic Bhojpuri singers.

Ritesh Pandey

One of the most popular Bhojpuri singers in the world is Ritesh Pandey. His song Hello Kaun became a viral video in December and has garnered over five crore views. The video features Ritesh Pandey and Sneha Upadhyay and was released on Riddhi Music World’s YouTube channel. The song has become a classic and has remained popular to this day.

Ritesh Pandey began his career singing bhojpuri songs after he graduated from college. His family wanted him to move to Kota, but he decided to pursue a singing and acting career instead. After completing his bachelor’s degree, Ritesh recorded his first Bhojpuri song, “Karua Tel,” with the Basant Bahar company. Ritesh took the song to local shopkeepers and distributed it on pen drives. He also went out to the shops on his motorcycle to perform it for them. The song became a hit and a sensational hit in bhojpuri.

Ritesh Pandey is a well-known actor, singer, and model. He has also performed in several Bollywood movies. His most recent song, “Kashishile Patna Hile” featuring Akanksha Dubey, has surpassed five million views on YouTube. In 2017, Ritesh Pandey had a big comeback by starring in Tohre Me Basela Pran. The film’s Hello Kaun music video became the most popular Bhojpuri song ever.

Kalpana Patowary

Kalpana Patowary, a Bhojpuri singer, has earned a reputation that is hard to match. She has done wonders for the genre of music and brought Bhojpuri to the attention of a broad audience. She is rightfully called the Bhojpuri Queen.

As a child, Patowary accompanied her father at local programmes and sang along with him. When she was twelve, she gave her first stage performances. This was followed by broadcasts on All India Radio. In 2001, she moved to Mumbai where she struggled to land a good project. She sang in Odia, Punjabi and Rajasthani.

Kalpana Patowary’s popularity has grown wildly since her Bhojpuri debut in 2003’s Ae Ganesh Ke Papa. She has recorded over 30 songs in over 30 different languages and has a long list of hits to her name. She’s also a renowned social media influencer, and has amassed over four hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube.

Best Bhojpuri Singer Ranking Lists

RankSinger NameStatePopular Songs
1Pawan SinghBihar“Lollipop Lagelu”, “Ae Jaan”, “Chhalakata Hamro Jawaniya”
2Khesari Lal YadavBihar“Ae Raja Ji”, “Lehnga Lucknowa”, “Bhatar Aiehe Holi Ke Baad”
3Dinesh Lal Yadav (Nirahua)Bihar“Ara Hile Chhapra Hile”, “Pandey Ji Ka Beta Hoon”, “Lagal Ba Darbar Sherawali Ke”
4Manoj TiwariBihar“Jiya Ho Bihar Ke Lala”, “Saiyaan Hamar”, “Choliya Ke Hook Raja Ji”
5Kalpana PatowaryBihar“Raat Bairan Hui”, “Bhakti Mein Shakti”, “Kahwa Mein Dhobi Geet”
6Amrapali DubeyUttar Pradesh“Katore Katore”, “Piyari Rumal”, “Bhatar Ko Bhi Bhul Jaogi”
7Indu SonaliBihar“Raja Ji I Love You”, “Dhaniya Achara Se Kala Tani Kabhar”, “Chumma Mange Mastarawa”
8Kajal RaghwaniBihar“Dhaniya Mor Herai Gail”, “Jable Jagal Bani”, “Chhalakata Hamro Jawaniya”