Top Most Valuable Garba Singer in World 20+ Lists [Updated]

There are many great Garba singers worldwide, but some stand out above the rest. These singers are Kirtidan Gadhvi, Falguni Pathak, Geeta Ben Rabari, and Jignesh kaviraj Barot. These are the top performers who have brought joy to the entire world. Mp3 Juices Is Garba Fan Suitable Platform

Kirtidan gadhvi

Kirtidan Gadhvi has etched his name in the Guinness Book Of World Records. In the last 17 years, he has performed at the largest number of Navratri shows, achieving a total attendance of 4.85 crores. The singer has also won numerous awards, including the Shree Narayan Swami Award and the Mogal Shakti Award. He also gave voice to a song for the fourth season of Coke Studio on MTV. The song became the most viewed song in the show’s history and was view over 30 million people on YouTube.

Kirtidan is well-known for his contributions to classical music and is widely celebrate in Gujarat. Kirtidan is known as the “Dandiya King” and has gain a huge fan base in the Gujarat state. In addition to his singing career, Kirtidan has become a social media influencer, posting videos on YouTube and gaining followers on Instagram.

Falguni Pathak

Falguni is born into a Gujarati family and was surround by Garba songs, which gave her the urge to sing. At a very young age, her mother started teaching her Garba folk songs. It is said that the songs she sings bring out the best in Garba’s moves. :   Top Haryanavi Singers Lists 2023 [Updated]

Falguni Ben Pathak is an Indian singer, performer, and composer. She has recorded several Bollywood songs and traditional Gujarati folk songs. She has performed live concerts throughout India and has even appeared in a few television serials.

Pathak is often referre to as the “Queen of Dandiya”. She has the ability to draw crowds in Mumbai, where Bal Thackeray had only been known to attract a few people in Shivaji Park during Dussehra rallies. In the western suburbs of Mumbai, Garba culture was at its peak. Having season passes to one of Falguni’s events was a form of bragging rights.

Geeta Ben Rabari

Geeta Ben Rabari’s melodious voice can make even the most stubborn person forget about their worries. Her voice has an imperishable quality that hits the right chords of our hearts without effort. Geeta Ben’s songs reveal her immeasurable potential as a singer.

Born on January 8, 1987, in Madhapur, Geeta Ben Rabari has been performing at various events and programs in India for almost five years. She recently performed in front of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. She has received nearly a million views on her YouTube channel.

Geeta Ben Rabari is a Gujarati singer. She has a flair for singing Gujarati folk songs and Bhajans. Geeta Rabari is invite to sing in public events at an early age. At twenty, Geeta was already a well-known singer in her home town. Despite her success, she still stayed at home and supported her family.

Jignesh kaviraj Barot

Gujarati singer Jignesh Kaviraj Barot is one of the most popular artists in Gujarat. He is well-known for his contemporary music, which has a catchy drum beat. Jignesh Barot songs are top-rate during the festive season of Navratri. Barot has a family background in music. His father was a bhajan singer. :   Top Most Valuable Punjabi Singers Today 30+ Lists [Updated]

Jignesh Kaviraj is an Indian singer, playback singer, and actor from Gujarat. He has appeared in over a dozen films and recorded more than 150 albums. His recordings are popular on YouTube, where he uploads Gujarati folk and classical songs.

Jignesh Kaviraj Barot has performed in many live shows around the world. He has appeared with other artists such as Kinjal Dave, Osman Mir, and Bhajanik Laxman Barot. He is also active on Instagram, where his account has over 1 million followers and over 1500 photos.

Kinjal Dave

Kinjal Dave is a young Gujarati singer. She began singing when she was just seven. Her father and uncle encouraged her to pursue her passion for music. The two urged her to start singing Gujarati bhajans, which she did. Within a year, she had already become famous and performed for people from all over the country.

Today, Kinjal Dave is one of the most sought-after Garba singers in the world. He is also a distinguished folk singer. Many consider him the best Gujarati singer. Kinjal Dave estimate net worth is $1 million, which he generates from performing at local and national events. He was born on 24 November 1999. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius, one of the signs corresponding to the Garba song.

Kinjal Dave, a 19-year-old singer, has risen to fame in Gujarati pop-folk music. His song “Chaar Chaar Bangadiwali Gadi” has gained him much popularity. He has also performed internationally, catering to the Gujarati community living overseas. His YouTube videos have garnered 46 million views. If you love listening to Gujarati music, you’ll want to check out Kinjal Dave’s performances at the upcoming Bollywood Dandiya. :   Top Most Valuable Bhojpuri Singers in India 2023 Lists [Updated]

Osman Mir

Osman Mir is a renowned playback singer and Tabla player specialising in Hindustani music. Born and raised in Mandvi, Kutchh, he has many musical talents. He is an expert in many genres, from ghazals to classical Indian music. As a singer, he has won numerous awards.

Vikram Thakor

Vikram Thakor is an artist, singer, and actor from Gujarat. He began performing in front of audiences at the young age of 10. Today, he lives in Gandhinagar. He has appeared in eight Gujarati films, all of which have been hits at the local box office.

Best Garba Singer Lists With Garba Songs

RankGarba Singer NameSinger StatePopular Songs
1Falguni PathakGujarat“Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi”, “Chudi”, “Maine Payal Hai Chankai”
2Kirtidan GadhviGujarat“Laadki”, “Maa No Garbo”, “Kesariyo Rang”
3Atul PurohitGujarat“Tara Vina Shyam”, “Norta”, “Mor Bani Thangat Kare”
4Osman MirGujarat“Mor Bani Thangat Kare”, “Sanedo”, “Kesariyo Rang”
5Praful DaveGujarat“Dholida Dhol Re Vagad”, “Mara Vira Ni Vadi Vadi Pari”, “Halo Ne Kana Raja”
6Hemant ChauhanGujarat“Pankhida Tu Udi Jaje”, “Jogni Ma Dadi Maa”, “Maa Taro Garbo”
7Kinjal DaveGujarat“Char Bangdi Vadi Gadi”, “Leri Lala”, “Ganesha”
8Asha BhosleMaharashtra“Rangat Teri Surat”, “Ayi Holi Ayi”, “Dhol Baaje”
9Usha MangeshkarMaharashtra“Ayi Abke Saal Diwali”, “Dholkichya Talavar”, “Sajiri Gojiri”
10Shreya GhoshalWest Bengal“Nagada Sang Dhol”, “Radha”, “Ghoomar”
11Lalitya MunshawGujarat“Nadi Kinare”, “Pankhida Tu Udi Jaje”, “Kesariyo Rang”
12Hema DesaiGujarat“Ghoonghat Mein Chand Hoga”, “Chalo Re Doli Uthao Kahar”, “Hey Ranglo Jamyo”
13Bhoomi TrivediGujarat“Ram Chahe Leela”, “Udi Udi Jaye”, “Ghoome Ghoome”
14Anuradha PaudwalMaharashtra“Dola Re Dola”, “Badi Mushkil Hai”, “Mere Haathon Mein Nau Nau Choodiyan”
15Kavita KrishnamurthyKarnataka“Saat Samundar Paar”, “Ruk Ja O Dil Deewane”, “Dola Re Dola”
16Alka YagnikUttar Pradesh“Choli Ke Peeche”, “O Re Gori”, “Mera Piya Ghar Aaya”
17Jignesh KavirajGujarat“Mara Virani Tu”, “Dj Jonadiyo”, “Lili Lemdi Re”
18Falguni Pathak & Ta ThaiyaGujarat“Pari Hoon Main”, “Kabhi Yaadon Mein Aao”, “Chudi”
19Farida MirGujarat“Dil Thi Aavo Toh”, “Maa Baap Thi Motu Koi Nathi”, “Sajan Lakho Ma Ek”